Vermont Bound

[[2015-08-08-1008 PDT EDIT: This was supposed to post on the evening of Wednesday, July 22nd, as I was heading off to Vermont. I just noticed that it was still sitting in “drafts.” Stupid internet. Stupid iPhone.]]

LAX is lovely at dusk, the big jets taking off into the orange dusk. 
The really big jets are especially beautiful, looking like they’re heading off toward Venus hanging out there over the ocean.

The über boisterous teenage group, apparently all hopped up on sugar and/or hormones, may get old real quick. The teacher/chaperone has pointed out to them a couple of times that they need to keep it down to a dull roar. Would anyone like to guess how much good that did?

It might be 80+F and muggy outside, but it’s a meat locker in the terminal. Pro tip: no matter the outside weather, always have a jacket or sweatshirt.

Our plane is now scheduled 54 minutes late arriving here, yet they say our flight will only be delayed 2 minutes. Must be that “new math” that’s been all the rage.

The redeye flight awaits. I’ll look and feel my best when I get to Burlington in the morning. If we’re late enough to miss the connection in Newark, I’ll look and feel even better when I get there tomorrow night.

EGBOK – Everything’s Going to Be OKay. Even if it isn’t. Especially if it isn’t.
I’m working on my calm, peaceful, zen thought processes. Ooommmmm…

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