Waiting For Her Mom

While I spent my day discussing moral outrage (look for me using @momdude56 on Twitter, hashtag #IStandWithAhmed) and trying desperately to avoid having anything to do with the Republican debates, Jessie had much more basic demands on her time. With The Long-Suffering Wife out getting her nails done after work, Jessie has to sit out on the lawn and wait for her car to come around the corner.

File Sep 16, 21 50 28 smallYes, she had been fed dinner (by me). Yes, she had been taken outside (by me) whenever she needed to all day. Yes, she had gotten treats (from me) whenever she begged. Yes, she had dry food (which I gave her) if she was still hungry. Yes, her water bowls had been refilled all day (by me).

But I’m not “mom.” So we’ll just sit here and wait.


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4 responses to “Waiting For Her Mom

  1. One of my dogs growing up did that! Before my Dad retired, she’d wait for him around 6pm looking down the track to come back. After he retired and my Mum still working, our next dog, even though my Dad walked, brushes him, waited for my Mum to return on the days she worked as she feed him. Unfortunately for him, my Mum’s time management isn’t like my Dads and he used wait for ages!

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    • I have a unique ringtone on my phone for each family member & Jessie recognizes Ronnie’s. Pavlov would be so proud! In this case, the call had been about something else, not to tell me she was home & needed help bringing something in, so Jessie was confused to not find the car already in the driveway.

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  2. Bless! All of my parents dogs knew the word ‘walkies’. We had to be so careful with that word!

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  3. Oh, bless her heart! Such devotion!

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