In Between Storm Bands

There are places in the Los Angeles metro area that got more rain today than they’ve ever gotten in the entire month of September.

That doesn’t mean that it was a gully-washer today, more that we rarely get significant rain in September. It rained pretty steadily for a few hours, cleared a bit, got a few more scattered showers, and now we’re down to lingering bits of mist and light rain here and there over all of SoCal. (For reference for those of you not familiar with the area, the “metro Southern California / Los Angeles / San Diego / Ventura / Riverside / San Bernardino” area is about 42,000 square miles, roughly the size of Ohio or Tennessee.)

There was the usual panic and bazillion accidents on the freeway. (The video would be so much less funny if it weren’t about 90% true.) However, for the most part it didn’t have any huge effect on us. Maybe that time in Vermont and Indiana got us re-acclimated to actual Earth weather.

Out at the hangar, the rain caused a delay in the paving work out on the ramp, but otherwise it looked lovely as the morning band of storms moved northward and the afternoon band of storms hadn’t yet moved in from off the ocean.

File Sep 15, 23 05 46

“Lake Camarillo” it’s not (maybe an inch deep in spots), but the reflection is pretty.

File Sep 15, 23 06 50

The next band coming in from the south.

File Sep 15, 23 08 02

The morning clouds departing to the north.

File Sep 15, 23 09 12

This is the kind of day when (if I were current and had a plane available) it would have been lovely to go flying for a while. For one thing, there were very few other planes out there, so no waiting for your turn in the traffic pattern!

File Sep 15, 23 10 19

With the clouds at about 4,000 feet (the tallest peak you can see in the mountains waaaaaaay in the background on the second picture are 3,300 feet tall) there’s plenty of room to scoot around in VFR conditions underneath during the break between storms. Just don’t wander off too far and get caught when the next line of clouds move in!

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