Stormy Fort Wayne

I do love time-lapse photography.

Mixed into the preparations for the upcoming nuptials, there were periods of “free time” today where I and others had planned on taking some time to walk around downtown Fort Wayne to see some of the local sights. The weather had other ideas and we had several bands of heavy storms coming through.

File Sep 04, 23 29 11

Image: The Weather Channel

We were lucky – we had just left the hotel, not twenty feet out the door and we felt it start to drizzle. Carrying on, we were standing on the corner not sixty seconds later, waiting for the light when the sky opened up.

Okay, we can take a hint.

Instead, after some other indoor exploration, I went up to our room and set up my iPad in the window running the “TimeLapse” app.

The whole video covers hours and hours of real time, but that’s a good section. The view is looking due east, with the storm coming from the west behind us.

In addition, going through the video, there are a number of frames that caught lightning bolts in action.


Lightning Bolt Capture Frame

The thunder was at times quite impressive. I love this kind of weather, even if I didn’t get my walk.

Maybe tomorrow.

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