After The Storm, Fort Wayne Version

Yesterday I posted a video of a thunderstorm passing through Fort Wayne, Indiana. We’re in town for a niece’s wedding.

Yesterday evening we invaded a local steakhouse for a dinner with a good chunk of the folks who are coming into town. The earlier plan was to walk the six or seven blocks, but with the storm still hanging about, discretion was the better part of valor and we drove over.

I had checked my iPad and hooked up a spare, external battery (the biggest problem I have with TimeLapse is that it’s a huge power suck, so you need to either have your device running off of AC or have some backup for a long, long recording) and made sure that it was still running.

In reviewing it when I got back yesterday evening, I found that the weather had started to clear after we left, leading to a really nice sunset.


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Filed under Photography, Travel, Video, Weather

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