Once Again Through ORD

And this time all of our flights were on time (more or less) and our luggage made it to the same place and time we did at the end of the day!

It was interesting to wait 36 minutes on the ground at ORD from the time that we pushed back from the gate until the time that we took off – for a 27 minute flight. That’s what happens at ORD when the wind shifts and they have to change runways and start re-routing everyone and getting them all turned around and off to someplace else.

In addition it was the first time I’ve been off to United’s Terminal F, which is used for their regional jets. In between Terminal B and Terminal F is a wonderful corridor of art, on the windows, above your heads, and in the benches there.

Finally, dashing out of ORD just in time, there were thunderstorms moving into the area and more visible off to the east as we came into Fort Wayne. (Sorry, the horizon’s not level in that picture. I was all twistied around, trying to look behind us, in a narrow seat, on a small plane.)

An interesting, if long, day.

File Sep 03, 23 07 30 small

File Sep 03, 23 08 51 small

File Sep 03, 23 09 22 small

File Sep 03, 23 10 04 small

File Sep 03, 23 10 43 small

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