Clouds, August 3rd

Scattered thunderstorms almost every day right now in northern Vermont – lots of great clouds, some spectacular, but little if any actual rain right where we happen to be. But when it does rain, it really pours.

Our attitudes toward the weather have similarities to our attitudes toward life – it’s changing constantly, sometimes calm, often threatening, occasionally stormy. Anticipating and preparing for the really bad parts takes up so much of our time, but the actual really bad parts are rare and short-lived. There’s a rainbow after the storm passes.

In my case, I prefer the stormy weather to the calm. Okay, I’m not 100% sure the analogy holds that far, but I’m intrigued by the possibility.

IMG_3856 small

IMG_3858 small

IMG_3864 small

IMG_3869 small

IMG_3872 small

IMG_3876 small

IMG_3879 small

IMG_3884 small

IMG_3885 small


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2 responses to “Clouds, August 3rd

  1. Gorgeous photos! Just got back from VT and the clouds were incredible. Love your blog.


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