Burlington Waterfront

We took off this afternoon to head north to Burlington, Vermont. We met my brother and his wife for a lovely dinner, but had plenty of time before dinner to wander along Church Street and down to the Waterfront.

Church Street is one of the first in this country to be closed off to vehicular traffic and turned into a pedestrian shopping and entertainment area. It’s four blocks of all kinds of neat things, from the conventional (Starbucks and Ben & Jerry’s) to the odd and unique (tattoo parlors and yoga studios). There are also a wide variety of eating places of all sorts.

This weekend was the “Festival of Fools” and on every block we saw street performers such as magicians, jugglers, singers, and comedians. The festival coincided (I believe not coincidentally) with the annual dragon boat races on Lake Champlain. We had hoped to get there in time to see at least a couple of the races, but visiting with Mom and getting a late (but very good) lunch slowed us down enough to force us to miss them. On the other hand, it meant that there was parking available closer than Winooski, so that’s a good thing.

And, of course, I took pictures. It was a clear day with the Adirondack Mountains in New York clearly visible, row upon row across the lake. The folks out sailing and kayaking seemed to be having the most fun of all.

File Aug 02, 23 05 07

(Click on image to see it full sized.)

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