Steel Rising (Part Three)

Four weeks ago we started raising the steel superstructure of our two new hangars out at the CAF SoCal location in Camarillo. Two weeks ago I gave an update. Then I went away for ten days or so.

Wow, have they made a lot of progress! Another few weeks and it will be done.

File Sep 10, 22 06 59 small

The roof is on and the end walls are almost finished. Here you can see where the two huge hangar doors will go for our portion of the hangar.

File Sep 10, 22 07 56 small

The rebar is in for the first section of the new ramp to be poured on Saturday.

File Sep 10, 22 08 29 small

The new storm drain position required some grading in front of the new hangars.

File Sep 10, 22 08 59 small

While we have cement on our ramp in front of our existing hangars for about forty feet (or so), we have asphalt from there to the taxiway. That asphalt is in lousy condition, so it’s all being ripped up and replaced with cement.

File Sep 10, 22 09 27 small

At the south end, by the street, the hangar doors will face out the other way onto the ramp there. This end of the new hangars will be occupied by the local EAA chapter and the AAF’s B-17, “Executive Suite.”

File Sep 10, 22 09 46 small

A view of the south end from across the street. The edge of our existing hangars (and parking lot) are just visible on the right.


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