Steel Rising (Part Two)

Two weeks ago we started raising the steel superstructure of our two new hangars out at the CAF SoCal location in Camarillo. A lot has happened since then (including last weekend’s airshow) and the progress has been steady on the construction of the new hangars. Here’s an update:

File Aug 27, 21 18 10

From inside our existing maintenance hangar you can see the new north hangar.

File Aug 27, 21 19 06

(Click to enlarge.) A small panorama to show how the north hangar goes from about the corner of our existing hangars out to the taxiway.

File Aug 27, 21 20 27

Just beyond the end of the north hangar is the taxiway, with the runway off straight ahead behind the little Bobcat skiploader in this view.

File Aug 27, 21 21 22

From a viewpoint at the taxiway, you can look back through the north hangar and see the south hangar as well. The south hangar abuts the north hangar and stretches to Aviation Drive. Half of the south hangar will be subleased to the local Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) chapter, where they’ll be able to have a much more improved facility than their previous one. The other half of the south hangar will be subleased to the local American Aeronautical Foundation (AAF) group, where they’ll store their B-25 “Executive Suite” (seen in the first picture here at last weekend’s airshow.)

File Aug 27, 21 22 22

(Click to enlarge.) Again, from a point near the taxiway, a full 270° panorama shows our ramp, with our C-46 “China Doll” on the far side, our existing museum hangar and maintenance hangar, and the two new hangars.

It’s going to be great when it’s done!

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