Wings Over Camarillo 2015 (Other Aircraft – Day Three)

Finally having reached Day Five of our five day inundation (infestation?) of pictures from “Wings Over Camarillo 2015”, I’ll mention one last time that on Saturday I featured the CAF SoCal aircraft that flew, on  Sunday there were pictures of people watching that airshow, on Monday I showed the first of three days of pictures of other, non-CAF SoCal aircraft that flew, and, of course, yesterday I showed the second of those three days.

IMG_4590 small

The CJ-7s that had accompanied “Executive Suite” (a B-25 bomber) made a final pass in review.

IMG_4651 small

Chuck Aaron flies the Red Bull Helicopter through maneuvers that I was taught were impossible. I was told you couldn’t possibly roll or loop a helicopter, or fly it inverted. Good thing that no one ever told Chuck! He truly does amazing things with that machine!

IMG_4751 small

Another plane type that I didn’t catch since I was often “on duty” during the show. There were several of them, they’re civilian, private aircraft, and they were REALLY stinkin’ fast on their passes. I don’t know for a fact that they were buzzing by even faster than the P-51s did, but it sure looked and felt like they did.

IMG_4754 small

There’s no good way to get a still picture that portrays what’s going on in a great aerobatics routine. Even with a video, with the camera moving around and following the action, you just don’t get the scope of watching someone dance and paint smoke all over a huge box in the sky above you. This is but one of the reasons that I urge everyone to get to an airshow every so often – it’s good for the soul.

IMG_4765 small

This (and the picture above) are Vicky Benzing flying the “purple plane,” which is a 1993 Extra Flugzeugbau 3005 aerobatics plane. It’s capable of plus-or-minus ten Gs.

The thought of ten Gs positive is daunting, since even trained fighter pilots and astronauts pass out at about seven or eight. Ten Gs negative? I’m thinking that might not be a good thing for me, even if the plane would be fine.

IMG_4850 small

The P-40 Warhawk from the Planes of Fame Museum show the classic “shark mouth” paint scheme that was made popular by the Flying Tigers in Southeast Asia during World War II. My favorite story about the Flying Tigers (and I would have to hunt for a citation, it’s something I read as a kid) was that, in order to fool the Japanese into thinking they had far more planes than they had (they had very few), they would change the propellers and spinners (nose cone on the propeller) with ones painted different colors, thus making it look at a glance to be a different plane.

IMG_4891 small

This is an all-time favorite plane of mine, and I haven’t seen one in a while. Maybe I watched too much “Black Sheep Squadron” as a kid (or as an adult) but I just love the F4-U Corsair (again, from the Planes of Fame Museum).

IMG_4918 small

Finishing out the “Navy flight” portion of the show (along with the CAF’s Zero, Hellcat, and Bearcat, seen here on Saturday and Sunday) is the SBD-5 Dauntless from the Planes of Fame Museum. A rugged dive bomber, the Dauntless also has a distinctive shape with the rear-facing gunner (hidden behind the wing here) and the big, slotted flaps on the trailing edge of the wings.

IMG_5029 smallFinally, when we first saw the MV-22 Osprey taking off for its demonstration flight on Saturday afternoon, I was seeing it through the crowd and got what I thought was a pretty neat picture as it rose up out of the huge cloud of dust that it had kicked up from its propwash.

It was a really great airshow! Join us next year – no date set yet, but probably the last weekend in August again, watch here for updates, of course. And remember, if you want to see a lot of these same planes (we’ll be there from the CAF) as well as the indescribable Blue Angels, there’s a big airshow at Pt. Mugu on September 26th and 27th, four weeks from now.


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4 responses to “Wings Over Camarillo 2015 (Other Aircraft – Day Three)

  1. Jemima Pett

    Unfortunately we had a fatal crash at a southern England airshow that weekend – and it crashed into a busy highway. So sad. It’s likely that airshows will be restricted to display over sea in the usual knee-jerk reaction to any accident. At least we have lots of sea around us.

    Love the pictures, Paul – especially the spirals!

    Liked by 1 person

    • We saw the news about Shoreham, a tragedy. US airshows are limited to “The Box,” a set area over which acrobatic flight can be done. While accidents happen here, it’s rare for bystanders to be injured, but even that’s not perfect. A couple years ago a plane at the Reno Air Races went out of control & off course into the crowd with several fatalities.

      As for knee-jerk reactions by politicians – don’t even get me started!!


  2. Hey again Paul,
    That white aircraft is a Lancair “Propjet”. I’m pretty sure it’s based off of the Lancair Evolution with some experimenting done to it, given the one-off name of “Propjet” 🙂 thanks for the pictures again!

    Liked by 1 person

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