Wings Over Camarillo 2015 (Other Aircraft – Day One)

On Saturday I showed the CAF aircraft that flew at this last weekend’s “Wings Over Camarillo 2015” airshow, and yesterday I featured pictures of people watching that airshow. As I had mentioned, while I am partial to the CAF SoCal aircraft, since I’m on staff there as the Finance Officer, there were a lot of other aircraft in the air and other nice pictures taken. So I’m planning on sharing those pictures over the next three days.

IMG_4188 small

I believe this is a PT-19 trainer, similar to ours (shown in Saturday’s article), but with a much less flamboyant paint scheme.

IMG_4197 small

A trio of shiny Ryan PT-22 trainers, the PT-19’s more advanced model.

IMG_4255 small

For an old fashioned, slow and graceful aerobatics show, Dr. D (Dr. Frank Donnelly) delivers in his 1946 Taylorcraft.

IMG_4294 small

Three Navion variants. After World War II when they thought that everyone would have their own private plane just like they had a car, this was a key model developed for that market. It didn’t happen, obviously. Next year I’m hoping that there will be four Navions flying here – one was recently donated to the SoCal CAF wing and with a little bit of work she’ll be ready to fly again.

IMG_4306 small

The Grumman Albatross, obviously a sea plane. Originally designed for sea search & rescue, this one is now used for advertising. It still makes a quite pleasant amount of noise on takeoff.

IMG_4324 small

Part of the Condor Squadron, a group of T-6 Texans based out of Van Nuys Airport. These three are painted with German markings, but it’s still an Allied plane. Known as the T-6 Texan to the Army Air Corp, the SNJ to the Navy, or the Harvard to the Brits and Aussies, this was the trainer you moved into after you mastered the basics of flying in a PT-19 or a PT-22.

IMG_4383 small

Sometimes the autofocus kicks in and you don’t get quite what you were expecting (that’s the “Red Tail” P-51 Mustang approaching), but…

IMG_4386 small

…sometimes it works and you get a really great shot of a P-38 Lightning.  9,923 Lightnings were built, of which only NINE are still flying, with three or four in various stages of restoration. This is “23 Skidoo” from the Planes Of Fame Museum in Chino, CA.

Have I ever told my P-38 story from my flight training? I must have! No? Okay, let me check and get back to you on that.

IMG_4413 small

Sometimes you catch something else stunning, in this case a pair of P-51 Mustangs roaring by in formation. On the left is the “Red Tail,” on the right is the CAF SoCal’s “Man O’ War.”  They do make a most distinctive and beautiful sound roaring by at 200 knots!

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