Wings Over Camarillo 2015 (Other Aircraft – Day Two)

Now on Day Four of our five day deluge of pictures from “Wings Over Camarillo 2015”, a reminder that on Saturday I featured the CAF aircraft that flew, on  Sunday I showed pictures of people watching that airshow, and yesterday I showed the first of three days of pictures of other, non-CAF SoCal aircraft that flew.

IMG_4366 small

The B-25 “Executive Suite” flew with a protective flight of CJ-7 fighters.

IMG_4452 small

The P-63C Kingcobra “Pretty Polly” is a gorgeous plane. Not a whole lot of Kingcobras still out there, this one from the Palm Springs Air Museum.

IMG_4459 small

Yesterday I identified this P-51 as “Red Tail,” which is incorrect. I remembered hearing that over the airshow PA system, but it must have been a descriptor, not a name. This is the P-51 “Bunny” from the Palm Springs Air Museum.

IMG_4474 small

This is a very rare P-38 Lightning. As noted yesterday, only nine still fly of the over 9,900 built. This is “23 Skidoo” from the Planes of Fame Museum in Chino, CA.

IMG_4484 small

The P-47 Thunderbolt was basically a flying tank. This is one heavy, fat, powerful plane, with a lot of armor in the cockpit to keep the pilot safe(r). This might be “Squirt VIII” from the Palm Springs Air Museum, but if so, she’s sporting a new paint job.

IMG_4507 small

The C-47 transport “What’s Up Doc?” is also a Palm Springs Air Museum aircraft. She’s used to drop the various parachutists during the airshow.

IMG_4513 small

You’ve seen both of these aircraft, the CAF SoCal’s P-51 “Man O’ War” (on short final to land) and the P-38 “23 Skidoo” from the Planes of Fame. I just liked the way this picture turned out as it caught “Man O’ War” landing and “23 Skidoo” pulling onto its right base leg to follow.

IMG_4610 small

One of the Red Bull jumpers, landing after exiting the C-47 over the field. With wingsuits they come down quickly before they pop their “sport” parachutes, which give them a lot of mobility and control.

IMG_5104 smallI don’t know who this is. I didn’t get a program (I was running about, working the show), I can’t find anything about this plane on the airshow website, and looking up the “N-number” (N99JP, seen in two-foot high letters on the side) gives me a completely different type of aircraft than shown. This is a high-performance, aerobatic aircraft, possibly a Pitts. I’ll see if I can track down who it is and what the plane is.

One more day of plane pictures, tomorrow.


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2 responses to “Wings Over Camarillo 2015 (Other Aircraft – Day Two)

  1. Nice write up and pics! Just a few details if you want to fix them, the P-47 doesn’t have a name but is owned by Planes of Fame along with skidoo, the corsair, the Warhawk, and dauntless. And the Pitts is flown by Judy Phelps from Santa Paula, CA 🙂

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