Wings Over Camarillo 2015 (Day Two)

It was another great day at the airshow – the weather stayed wonderful, the crowd was excited, and somehow it was an even longer day than yesterday. Fourteen hour days with about 90%+ of it on your feet and dashing around isn’t necessarily an old man’s game. Not that I’m old, mind you…

Yesterday I had lots of pictures of our CAF planes participating in the show. Tomorrow I’ll probably have more pictures that are focused on the other planes (and helicopters, and skydivers) in the show. But for today I want to look at the people attending the show. It occurred to me yesterday that while I’m often watching the planes flying (when I’m not working the show and dashing about), everyone else around me is doing the same. But we rarely look at each other.

So today I went looking for people watching the planes and taking their own pictures. In reviewing these photos to pick the ones to include here, I’m finding that I love the idea and will have to do it again at other airshows.

There are a lot of looks of wonder, joy, and amazement out there at an airshow. Everyone’s looking up!

IMG_0552 small

IMG_0557 small

IMG_0558 small

IMG_5108 small

IMG_5111 small

IMG_5113 small

IMG_5087 small

IMG_5114 small

IMG_5121 small


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