Is It Moral? A Pop Quiz For October 3rd

I observed something today germane to pretty much nothing in the big scheme of things, but it did get me to wondering, so I figured I would throw it out there and see if anyone else had a comment.

The Post Office. A woman pulls into one of the handicapped parking spaces right in front of the door. She immediately hangs her handicapped parking placard on the rear-view mirror. No problem.

But she never gets out of the car. Her twenty-something passenger (assumed to be a daughter, maybe) gets out of the passenger side and runs into the post office to stand in line for whatever business there is.

The driver appears to be in her sixties, if not older. From what I can see she appears frail. The passenger looks like she runs marathons.

There are a number of assumptions here, I’ll admit right up front. Above all, I’m assuming that the handicapped placard is for the driver and that the passenger is perfectly healthy.

Given that, is it moral for this lady to park in the handicapped space when she’s not going to be the one getting out of the car?

I’m sure it’s legal. She has a placard. I’m assuming that she has it for a reason and she’s not one of the people (there are a LOT of them in Los Angeles) who has a fake placard or got a real one by buying it.

But the prime rationale for the existence of handicapped parking spaces is to make it easier for those with physical limitations to get into the building without having to walk a longer distance across the parking lot. Forget all of the legal and bureaucratic nonsense. They exist because society wants to help “even the playing field” for those with physical handicaps.

Considering why these parking spaces exist, plus the fact that in this case the person who actually was getting out of the car and going into the building was not the handicapped person, was parking here moral?

Your comments and observations are eagerly awaited. (Show your work.)

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One response to “Is It Moral? A Pop Quiz For October 3rd

  1. Ronnie

    I think that it’s wrong if a healthy person takes advantage of a handicapped space

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