Stalking The Beast

This is the probably the closest I’ve been yet, actually daring to hope that I’ve gotten the beast cornered. Perhaps even surrounded. There are signs, hints, maybes…

But no joy, at least not yet. I was really hoping today might be the day. And it’s hard to forget how close I’ve been , even recently, only to get smacked upside the head and reminded that my foe is crafty and elusive.

No sorrow either, at least there’s that. On the other hand, while the tension might not be killing me, it’s sure as hell not doing me any good.

Despite past unpleasant experiences, I’m daring to hope again, which is simultaneously both encouraging and dangerous. Not trying to get ahead of myself or counting any chickens prior to hatching — but exactly what kind of wine goes with figmentary, fictional, fanciful gorilla?

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Filed under Job Hunt, Paul

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