Their Bot Lied

I, along with just about everyone else on the planet who owns a computer running Windows, have been bombarded for months about upgrading (“for free!”) to Windows 10.

At first it was once a week or so, then a couple times a week, and now every day. Every single time, I get a message that says, in effect, “Your computer is ready to upgrade, do it now!!” And, back when Windows 10 was on the horizon and we all wanted to prep for it, I ran their diagnostic program and was told, in effect, “No problem! You can upgrade!”

Now it’s the New Year and one of my tasks was to get the upgrade done. I won’t EVER be stupid enough to try to upgrade or change my OS without a full backup of my hard disk and all data. So I went out, got a 6 TB external drive, and spent four days backing up all of the hard disks onto it. I’m safe.

I push the button to start the upgrade – and within about a minute, I get an error message saying that I can’t upgrade because of a hardware incompatibility. My Nvidea video card doesn’t have device drivers for Windows 10, so the upgrade won’t even start.

Hold on!

What about the countless messages badgering me to upgrade, each of them telling me that my system was ready to go?

Their bot lied.

Which brings up the next point, not that it does any good. If they’re so incompetent that their bot for installing the OS gives me months worth of incorrect messages about the capability of my system, why should I believe that their OS is worth installing?

So I’m investigating. It seems they’re correct, this is a known problem with a video card this old. There is no fix, other than to buy and install a newer video card.

So much for Windows 10 being “free!”

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One response to “Their Bot Lied

  1. I wouldn’t even try it, these things never work!

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