The First Beautiful Sunset Of 2016

Well, at least is the first beautiful one in Southern California.

It might also be a rare sight for a few days here. That El Niño thing appears to finally be targeting SoCal – the fifteen day forecast currently shows seven of those days with a 50% or greater chance of rain. After four solid years of serious drought we need the rain, but after four solid years of serious drought the ground is baked & hard & burned so any hard rain to start off will just run off and cause flooding and mudslides.

Welcome to SoCal, where the four seasons are Shaking, Burning, Flooding, and Boring!

Tonight I was getting ready to leave the CAF hangar in Camarillo just before sunset and saw the storm front moving in from the north and west.

File Jan 02, 23 09 31 small

On the hills at the north end of Camarillo, across the runway and the 101 Freeway, you can see bright flashes off of the windows of several houses that are lined up just right.

File Jan 02, 23 10 26 small

Our C-46, “China Doll.”

File Jan 02, 23 11 38 small

Looking back to the west from “China Doll,” three of our four hangars.

File Jan 02, 23 12 59 small

From the parking lot, just after the sun disappeared out over the Pacific.


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