Lunch Break

A mobile post today as I’m taking a quick break to eat lunch during a busy and slightly hectic day.

The office building where my new job is located has a nice plaza area outside with some tables and planters that you can sit on. This week, however, it’s a bit nippy and windy. (I know, folks buried under the blizzard de jour back east may not be sympathetic about mid-50s, but for LA it’s nippy.)

I could eat at my desk (and sometimes do) but that tends to not be much of a break since you end up dealing with anything that pops up. I need to get away for thirty minutes, to breathe.

So I end up sitting in my car to relax. It’s comfy, especially since my new little Hissy has about ten different audio options and can even play movies on the screen if we’re parked. Yet (probably something imaginary from long ago) I still feel sometimes that there’s a bit of a stigma with sitting in the car at lunch. Like it’s a bit low class.

I was thinking of that as I walked to my car today. I tend to park on the far side of the lot, first to force myself to walk a bit and secondly to park in the sun so it’s toasty when I come out. So I passed a lot of other cars on my walk.

I do see other people sitting in their cars for lunch when I’m doing the same, but today I paid attention.

Guy in a new BMW 325ci.

Lady in a late model Mercedes Benz 320.

A guy in a new Lexus.

Okay, so maybe it’s not quite as slummy or uncommon as I had thought. I’m good now.

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