Almost Time

As a kid living in places where they actually had winter, spring, summer, and fall (Los Angeles has wind, fires, drought, and earthquakes) my favorite season was always spring. Yeah, winter could be fun with snowmen and snowball fights and sledding, and fall in Vermont is spectacular, but for me it was always the way things turned green and the birds came back that made spring special.

Plus, you know – baseball!

Pitchers and catchers reported last week, position players tomorrow for most teams, and the first first spring training games will start next weekend.

File Feb 21, 21 42 46

I’m ready!


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4 responses to “Almost Time

  1. Baseball – now there is a mystery to most folk in the UK!

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    • True. However, one word – “cricket”


      • Can’t argue with that. Cricket takes some getting used to! I have a friend in France who always reminds me that a game can go on for five days and end in a draw – he finds that amusing!

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        • I have a friend here who loves the game & will post updates from huge international matches, like India vs Pakistan or something. 5-4 after day one, 7-11 after day two, 21-17 after day three, then a 375-60 final after day four! that quarterback on day four must have had a wicked googly slider in this three-point slap shot with some mustard on the hot dog! Or something like that

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