Boids vs Zombies

Boids. Angry Boids. Lousy, stinkin’, angry boids.

Zombies. Demons from Hell. Creatures from your worst nightmare.

I speak, of course, of Angry Birds and Doom, two of the only video games I’ve ever spend much time playing. (Okay, Portal a bit too, but I sucked at it and I quit easily, which is a bad combination.)

I see there’s a new version of Doom coming out and I’m looking forward to it. Some night you just want to waste an hour and blow away anything that moves. It’s generally better to that in a video game than out in the real world.

I assume there’s a new version of Angry Birds coming out – there seems to be one about every month, so I think that’s a safe bet. I haven’t played at all in a couple of years, so it’s not a big deal.

But if one of those geeks out there were to get really, really clever, she should write a universal game engine that would let you cross platforms at will. So, for example, your Martian Marine with his RPG and chain saw could go head to head with exploding birds falling from the sky. Or some critter from the (even more mis-aptly named) Final Fantasy series could trade spells (or whatever it is they do combat with) against some hulk in armor from Halo. All while some mystic from Myst (remember Myst?) could try to get us to all get along.

Hey, if they’re going to mix our superheroes and have Batman fighting Superman (I know, that’s canon, it’s how the Justice League gets started, blah, blah, blah) why can’t we have Pikichu zapping Sonic?

Gotta go blast some zombies. Or birds.

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One response to “Boids vs Zombies

  1. johwee

    I feel that I should point out that Pikachu has been able to beat up Sonic since 2008 thanks to the Smash Bros series xD

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