A Classy Affair

As I mentioned yesterday, last night we held the annual Builder’s Ball fund-raising event for Habitat For Humanity San Fernando/Santa Clarita Valleys, which is where I’ve been working since November. The event was wonderful and successful, and I was able to get some better pictures than the one I had from two years ago. It helped that I was on staff and could go wherever I needed to behind the scenes.

File Feb 27, 22 13 49 small

We were (as usual) at the Universal Sheraton, one of the many iconic hotels in Los Angeles. Outside, overlooking the east end of the San Fernando Valley, one of our major sponsors, Anheuser-Busch, had set up a beer garden.

File Feb 27, 22 10 37 small

Inside, the tables are arranged but not yet set, as the lighting, audio, and video get set up and tested.

File Feb 27, 22 11 16 small

Our stage backdrop, since we’re all about building homes for low-income veterans and opening doors for them after they leave the service.

File Feb 27, 22 11 52 small

I was amused that the table setting started with a pass through the whole room by “the knife guy,” to be followed by…

File Feb 27, 22 12 20 small

…the fork guy. I might have just had guys all over the room with forks, knives, and spoons, but I’m guessing they know what they’re doing.

File Feb 27, 22 15 13 small

Ready for registration, Richard Doss is our Chairman of the Board. Displays let folks know about items available (for the right price) in the live auction part of the event. What’s that one, second from the right? Looks like a P-51! I wonder where they got a ride to auction off?

File Feb 27, 22 15 48 small

The tables fully set. It looks like the spoon guy, the butter knife guy, the little plate guy, the coffee cup guy, and the fancy napkin folding guy followed the knife guy and the fork guy!

File Feb 27, 22 16 21 small

Ready to rock and roll!

File Feb 27, 22 17 08 small

Let the festivities begin!

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