Windows 10 Is Doing What?

Imagine my surprise, when just yesterday the “critical download” to upgrade to Win 10 showed up and I made a point of marking it as hidden and telling Windows Update that I did NOT want to upgrade.

File Mar 15, 23 13 44 small

Someone (a tech support guy) told me today that they didn’t think this was really happening. It was just hype on the internet. Boy, have I got news for him!

This should be “interesting” – for sufficiently terrifying values of “interesting.” Especially since one of the key programs I use, QuickBooks, will only work with Win10 if you have the 2015 or 2016 version. I have the 2013 version.

Is it too late to pull the plug and install Ubuntu?


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2 responses to “Windows 10 Is Doing What?

  1. I have heard some horror stories about the upgrade. I have resisted it!

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  2. berich56

    Microsoft in their infinite wisdom uses that gif/page for their updates. I haven’t updated the laptop yet and when I try to update win 7 critical functions, that’s the page they show you. I panicked the first time I saw that and shut down the update 3 times before it finished. Still with win 7. I upgraded the desktop to win 10. It has one very annoying bug – at times I can’t open the start bar! Quickbooks 2013, wow so new; I still have Microsoft money 2000!

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