Downs And Ups

First, there’s that moment when you realize that you will NOT be having that leftover kung pao chicken for dinner tonight. That’s a downer, brought on by our old friend, Mr. Gravity.

File Mar 16, 20 23 10 small

Then there’s that moment when your office gets half filled by balloons (no, today isn’t my birthday, but you can see it from here) and everyone in the office stands outside and “oooooohs” and “aaaaaaaahs.” Most of them have known The Long-Suffering Wife for a while and were quite impressed. That’s an “up,” especially since I’m looking more like the “Ed Asner” character in that Pixar movie every day.

File Mar 16, 21 01 43 small

Back at the ranch, the inevitable has thundered on like a Microsoft-powered freight train. It remains to be seen if this gift comes from the good witch, or from the bad witch.

File Mar 16, 21 02 45 small

Stay tuned.

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One response to “Downs And Ups

  1. LOVE the balloons! Would’ve loved even more to see you walking out to your car and figuring out a way to fit them inside. As for the lunch…I feel your pain. I hate when that happens. And regarding Windows 10, no doubt a gift from the Bad Witch. I’m sorry… But hey! Balloons!!! 😀

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