Update On Windows 10 Update

Two weeks ago one of my desktop systems spazzed out and started downloading and installing Windows 10. I know, Microsoft still says that really isn’t happening, but then again, some people still think that we have a rational and sane process for picking a new President, so YMMV.

So far the process has gone relatively calmly. It took several hours, but overall the Win10 interface is fine and things for the most part seem to be running normally. I do see a noticeable increase in the speed of many operations, although I don’t have any solid before & after data to offer.

Not there haven’t been glitches with Win10, some of which are ongoing. I’ve had three instances where the system has rebooted on its own, which is a royal pain in the ass when I’ve got something running overnight. There’s nothing more satisfying than expecting to see some time-consuming but automated thing that instead derailed somewhere along the line.

At first I thought that Win10 was downloading updates and rebooting, since I’ve heard that you can’t turn that behavior off in this version, only delay it. But I had everything set to delay and ask permission before rebooting, and it wasn’t doing that. A little bit more investigation into the system event log found the reboots being preceded by about a minute in which there is a metric shit-ton of caution, warning, and critical events – followed by an uncontrolled reboot.

Something is not right.

It seems to be some conflict with device drivers, but I have yet to have had the time to go digging too deep. So the good news is that the Windows Update is set correctly and not causing the problem. The bad news is that I’m going to have my hands full figuring out what is causing the problem.

So far as I can tell all of the programs run correctly, even the key one (QuickBooks Pro 2012) which I was told would not. There may be certain advanced facets of the program that “aren’t supported” in Win10, but I haven’t found any issues with routine operations.

The one program which occasionally hangs up and needs to be killed and restarted is an old, old, OLD program I use constantly, Total Commander. The version I have is from 2008 and originally was written in 1993. It’s an “act alike” clone of the old Norton Commander program, but with a lot of other really great things thrown in. It’s my “Swiss army knive” utility of choice. Apparently written and maintained by one guy, Christian Ghisler, it’s probably the single most used program I have, other than the operating system. It still works most of the time in Win10, but sometimes when reading memory sticks it sort of goes off, contemplates its navel, and locks up. Perhaps I’ll see if there’s a newer version. (There is! Huzzah!)

Actually, my biggest problem this week with wonky electronics comes from the Apple side of the aisle. On Sunday I upgraded my iPhone 6+ to iOS 9.3, which seemed to go without a hitch. Until Monday morning when I suddenly woke up at about 08:20 and wondered how I could have slept through the alarms on my phone which go off every day at 07:00, 07:45, 08:00, and 08:15. (Depending on how little sleep I’m getting or how lousy that sleep is, I can be hard to wake up.) It turns out that ALL of my alarms in the “Clock” app had been turned off. They were still there, but they were all switched off.

I’m still blaming the iOS 9.3 upgrade, although I can’t get the time of day from Apple in trying to report it. Just automated drivel from their Twitter bot when I bitched about the problem.

Silicon-based life forms – can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

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