Goodbye, I Guess

Sometimes a cultural phenomenon just passes us by, noted due to its overwhelming presence, but meaning little to nothing to you as an individual.

“Survior” – I’ve never watched it.

“The Sopranos” – ditto, although it’s still available through all off the HBO streaming services we have.

Tonight it was the finale of “American Idol” and I can honestly say that I’ve never watched five minutes of it. For whatever reason, it never caught my eye, I never bothered to see what all of the hoopla was about, and I neither cared nor “voted.”

I wasn’t necessarily turned off by the format, which it sort of pioneered. I watched “The Voice” off and on for a season or two, and I think I watched most of a couple seasons of “Dancing With The Stars.” Of course, the latter had the spectacle of the likes of Bill Nye the Science Guy and Buzz Aldrin trying to do professional ballroom dancing. Well, that and all of the extremely athletic female professional dancers, gyrating about in various states of wearing very little.

But “Idol?” Meh.

So now it’s “gone,” although the snarkiness in my Twitter feed makes me believe they apparently stuck a big “Maybe?” at the end. Given the Fox Network’s track record of canning one good show after another without giving them a chance (see “Serenity” for example), it’s hard to see what they’re going to replace it with. When their ratings, and profits, dwindle after seeing their flagship show vanish after all of these years, it will be tempting to bring out of mothballs sooner rather than later.

What, me a cynic?

So goodbye, “Idol,” I guess.

FWIW, I’ve got “Fall 2018” in the office pool for when it rises from the ashes and goes back on the air three nights a week. I won’t watch it then, either.

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  1. It will be back. This happens all the time on UK TV.


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