Forget The Comments – Don’t Read The News!

Certain prominent factors in my far distant past have conspired over the years to turn me into something of a news junkie. In the old days (i.e., pre-Internet) I needed my daily newspaper and a whole collection of weekly and monthly magazines.

In the current era, I can go hours and hours and hours without checking the headlines. Really, I can! Any time I want!

That’s turning into a curse instead of the blessing I thought that it once was.

Occasionally, like tonight, desperate for some inspiration at 23:00+, I will go read the headlines on or the LA Times. More and more that’s becoming detrimental to my health.

I really have tried to remain calm and not go off on too many political rants on this site. I like to keep it reasonably sane and lighthearted where possible. Thus, aside from the occasional snarky comments, often aimed at either side of the aisle, I’ve kept my peace.

But even reading the headlines these days can raise my blood pressure, raise my bile, threaten to re-raise my dinner, and generally put me right off of my fresh fried lobster. I start composing a screed in my head filled with incredulity that certain people are allowed to walk the streets without a keeper, let alone be considered “leaders.” I want to rant and scream logic and scientific facts at morons with a big social media following who are functionally illiterate in any scientific field whatsoever, but insist that they’re experts in climate change, disease prevention, or whatever other batshit crazy cult bait they’re pushing today.

I want to weep for our future.

I fear that if I (and everyone else who’s as fed up as I am) just stop paying attention to the headlines that we’ll wake up one of these days and find that the inmates have not only taken over the asylum, but they’ll be jailing or killing anyone with an IQ larger than their shoe size. But if I do keep having this ignorance, stupidity, and hatred shoved down my throat there may not be enough bleach in the world to ever cleanse my eyes after being exposed to it.

I don’t have a solution. I just know that I’m getting pretty sick of having the clowns run the circus.

If someone wants me to believe in a kind, intelligent, benevolent, and beneficent god watching over us all, they could start with a whole slew of ignorant buffoons coming down with convulsions or festering boils on live television. Or some grim, painful, and 100% fatal disease. Or they could get hit by lightning – that’s always been popular with vengeful gods.

Let’s see something at least! Some sort of sign.

Otherwise, I think we might be totally screwed.

Perhaps ignorance is bliss. We’ve known since about five minutes after the Internet was born that you’re nuts to read the comments – it’s where all of the wingnuts and whack jobs hang out. It might soon be time to stop reading the news, for the exact same reasons.

(See, I did find inspiration for tonight by reading the headlines!)

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