Ask & Ye Shall Be Told

I love living in the future.

We were out at a restaurant tonight, a wonderful, small BBQ place which we’ll gladly tell you about if you’re in the neighborhood. Some nights they have live music, but tonight it was quiet and they just had some music playing over the sound system.

At one point a great song came on, a long, jamming, real bluesy version of “Hey, Joe.” I knew it wasn’t Hendrix, but it sounded a bit like him, and the guitar playing was exquisite. I’m a sucker for a nimble-fingered guitarist.

In the past when I’ve heard something like that, I’ve just been stuck not knowing who it was. I’ve asked waitresses or front desk staff, but usually get a blank stare or at best a, “How should I know?”

Tonight I could have used the SoundHound app on my phone to identify it, but to work well I would have had to be closer to the speakers, which could have been problematic.

Instead, I went up to the front counter and asked. Instead of a blank stare, the waitress tapped on the device running it all and displayed the data for the Pandora Radio track playing. The answer was there!

But how do I remember it? I have a memory like Swiss cheese some days, and I didn’t have a paper to write on. The waitress had moved off to do waitress things and I didn’t want to rummage around on the front desk and cash register to look for something to write on.

So I used my phone to take a picture of the screen. Simple. Fast. Piece of cake.

In case you haven’t noticed, that supercomputer/camera/music player/ebook in your pocket also makes a really easy data collection tool & notebook.

The future is a pretty neat place! Not perfect, but it has its points!

Oh, the artist was Guitar Shorty on the “Walter Trout Radio” station on Pandora. It was 21:03. The album is “The Best Of Guitar Shorty.”

I know all of that because I live in the future!

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