Is Your Window Broken?

I’ve mentioned that I often eat lunch sitting in my car. You see weird things there sometimes.

Today was a lovely day. A little bit too much breeze to sit outside at the picnic tables, so it’s off to the car. 77° F.

File May 17, 23 09 18 smallImage courtesy of the Weather Channel app.

Yet I saw no fewer than three people, all of them in expensive SUVs that cost five or more times what my car did, sitting in their car, eating lunch, WITH THE WINDOWS ROLLED UP, THE ENGINE RUNNING, AND THE AIR CONDITIONING ON!

Climate change? No problem, I’ll just sit here in my $100,000+ urban assault vehicle and burn a gallon or two of gas to cool down the interior of my car while I eat lunch — because it’s ungodly freakishly sweltering at 77° and I’m to freakin’ stupid to roll down the freakin’ windows!!

Anyone want to bet that they also complain about what lousy gas mileage they get?

Listen, if it’s 77° Celsius, I’ll be out there running the A/C with the best of them. But 77° Fahrenheit with a nice breeze and not a cloud in the sky? Let me recommend a very good therapist, ’cause y’all need your heads examined!

Freakin’ idiots!!

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