No Context For You, May 16th

As promised. Or as threatened. It’s a fine line some days.

DSCN1992 small

No Context For You!

It’s actually surprisingly difficult to find a picture which is bizarre enough to fit the category. Who knew?


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2 responses to “No Context For You, May 16th

  1. I say just as you were taking a photo of the elusive Bigfoot (who was on vacation, you know) as he approached your obscenely yellow punch buggy thinking it was a brightly colored candy snack, The Long-Suffering Wife, who had just that moment decided she had finally had enough of your ongoing shenanigans, came up behind you and gave you a much deserved (much deserved, mind you) smack to the head. Bigfoot realizing he was no match even for The Long-Suffering Wife quickly skedaddled off out of frame just as you snapped the posted pic.

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