Well THERE’s Your Problem – June 8th

I’ve been hearing the raccoons for the past week or two, but where normally I hear them at night, I’ve now been hearing them up on the roof during the day. Yesterday when I heard a lot of activity well before sunset, I went out with a camera on a stick to see what they were up to.

Tons of pictures of the roof – no sign of any raccoons.

But I could still hear them…


Well, no, actually. Those who have followed the raccoon adventures will recall the story of “The Night The Ceiling Dripped Blood.” Okay, that was caused by an owl, not a raccoon, but it pointed out an architectural oops for the house, which I solved with some screen.

IMG_5744 small

As Adam Savage is so fond of saying, “Well, there’s your problem!

Time for another eviction.

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