Things I Have Learned At My First Angels Game Of The Year

Angels Stadium remains a beautiful park.
The Younger Daughter is Queen of the Photobombs. Especially when the bombee is the lady who gave her a dirty look earlier when she yelled a Monty Python curse.

The crowds are tad sparse this year, especially for a Saturday night with fireworks to follow.
My daughter’s blue car looks purple due to the redshift as she passes us in the carpool lane.

It’s a good thing that baseball food is zero calories and zero carbs!!

At least it will be much easier than normal getting out of the parking lot tonight.

While the wi-fi at the stadium is much, MUCH improved, the PA system (at least in the nosebleed seats) still sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher.

The replay system this year could still use some improvements, both in speed and in accuracy.

I have a fitted baseball cap. With this übershort haircut, it’s too big (or, more accurately, my head’s too small) so it sits down on my head so far it rests on my ears, making it difficult to put my glasses on or take them off.

I absolutely HATE blown saves!

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One response to “Things I Have Learned At My First Angels Game Of The Year

  1. What exactly is a blown save? How many players in a Baseball team?


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