Welcome To The Back Burner

Busy, busy, long, long week at the office – not “audit time” busy, but not exactly kickin’ back time either.

Busy, busy weekend ahead with the hangar, The Elder Daughter visiting, an Angels game tomorrow night.

And then there’s the new computer. Oooooooh, shiny. FAST!!

But a little bit useless until I get all of my software and files installed. Since I still have things to do, I’m keeping the old systems running and then will make a transfer over – as time permits. I was sort of hoping that time would permit much closer to immediately, but the Universe didn’t give a crap what I was hoping for (yet again!) so we’ll make do with what we have.

Talk amongst yourselves, have a wonderful weekend, stay safe.


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2 responses to “Welcome To The Back Burner

  1. Enjoy the visit with your daughter! Oh, and the Angels game too. 😀

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