Well, first of all, there’s the literal meaning of the term in this picture.

IMG_5402 small

Thrashing about wildly for something to share without turning into Captain Buzzkill!, this popped up. Thanks, Muse! I really like the foreshortening and blurring effects of the roof tiles.

In a more metaphorical meaning of the term, my second thought on seeing this picture was, “Is this little guy worried about ‘Brexit’ or the US elections or the plummeting stock markets or the complete failure of the US Congress or whether or not they should open ‘Rogue One’ with a crawl? No, of course not! Lucky bastard!”

Then I was thinking about how this guy can (and probably will) be snatched off this sunny, warm roof by a hungry hawk, taken up to the hawk’s nest and ripped to shreds and eaten by the baby hawks.

We’ll call this one even.

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Filed under Critters, Photography, Politics

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