WordPress Problems

Racing the clock last night to post by 23:59 was not my idea of a good time. The fact that WordPress decided to go flaky then only made it that much more “special.”

Tonight I started early so that I could troubleshoot the WordPress problem of last night. Yep, something broken! I can’t upload any new images or media at all. Not from any one of about three different methods, old and new, built into the WordPress interface. Not on different computers. Not using different browsers. Not clearing the browser cache. Not turning the whole freakin’ internet off and then turning it back on. (Sorry, that was me!)

Very frustrating. I’ve sent a request to their tech support. We’ll see how well that works.

I apparently CAN email myself the photo, save it on my iPhone, and then upload it to WordPress using the iPhone app.

THIS is what you missed last night at 23:59!

Aren’t you glad that tonight I was stubborn and got it posted “early,” at 23:58?


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3 responses to “WordPress Problems

  1. I remember having that problem one time, when I was still on wp.com, I think. And I remember it being June or July, because I still have some odd non-photos that I never got around to deleting, in my database. Yes, it seems to have started around 9th July 2014, which is truly weird, and it took me around three-four weeks to solve it. I commented in the blog comments here: http://jemimapett.com/blog/2014/07/28/july-roundup-august-preview/ that I was having to reinstall it, but I can’t find any emails to tech support about the problem. (and they haven’t got any tickets filed from before 2015 now)
    And I’m wrong, I was already on wp.org then. I got to the stage where I wasn’t able to access the dashboard, according to what I say there, but I usually need tech support then because something has triggered something that locks my IP address out.
    So, other than tea and sympathy, I’ve got nothing useful to offer you. Good luck.

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    • Thanks, Jemima, that actually helps quite a bit. It tells me that, while I need to continue to look for something at my end (new computer, upgraded to Win10, something here changed) it’s also not unlikely that it’s something at their end. The fact that I found the workaround of posting and uploading pictures through the iPhone app also tells me that it might be something in their website. Thanks!

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      • I’ve just remembered something. I think a lot of people were having trouble that spring with being told they were doing something illegal, when actually it was a WP problem. People were being locked out of their accounts all over the place. So hopefully, that’s what it is again. As long as it lets you post okay 😉
        I’m just about to try uploading some pics to my guinea pig blog (WP.com) so I’ll let you know if I have trouble too.

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