One More Picture

Still having issues with WordPress, still haven’t heard back from tech support. So far I can post text without problem on all platforms, and I can post media (pictures, video, Twitter, etc) from my phone. I can not post any media from the “classic” web interface, and from the “new & improved” web interface I’m getting media to post about one time in ten.

Just saying, if all of a sudden you don’t see anything posted here for a bunch of days, it either means I picked off by a runaway crosstown bus or that I’ve lost all ability to post. It could happen.

In the meantime, here’s a “test” image picked at random, to go along with the previous 3,751 posted in the last forty months or so.

Now THAT's A Good BBQ! - DSCN4127

This is how we know it was a good barbecue around here! (That’s the back of my right hand, with much of the hair curled & burnt off from a flare up – no harm, no foul. It grows back.)

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  1. I had similar issues with the classic interface page. I felt like I was bullied into the new interface! I couldn’t upload images and it wasn’t playing. I don’t like the new interface so much, I can’t edit (turn around photos), but it’s a lot cleaner to look at. That’s all I like about it!

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