Good Karma, Maybe?

And just like that, WordPress is working normally again.

I did get a reasonably intelligent response from their tech support today. They actually acknowledged the troubleshooting I had already done and had reasonable requests for further information. (Run Sure, no problem, I’ve got 60 Mbps down and 6 Mbps up, so glad we were able to eliminate that quickly.) After writing up close to a thousand words of further details on what works, what doesn’t, what the timeline is, etc, I suddenly had a thought. I went onto The Long-Suffering Wife’s computer, which has never touched WordPress, and logged onto my site. Media updates like lightning.

Was it her computer and something’s messed up on mine? Go back to my office and check it out. Like lightning!

So it’s working again, at least until it’s not. Nothing’s changed here, nothing changed before the problem to start it, nothing’s changed after to end it.

Gremlins! That’s what it was.

And we all know (i.e., I’m pulling this out of my ass, whole cloth) that Gremlins are warded off by good karma. Right? So here’s what solved it:


A “double red” donation.

I should have thought of this earlier!


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3 responses to “Good Karma, Maybe?

  1. They probably fixed their rogue IP address problem 😉 Glad you’re back!

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  2. Well, WordPress is a technical mystery. At least they seem to have temporarily halted their so called improvement project!

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  3. Glad it’s working again for you!

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