Trailcam – July 17th

No, I’m not going to fill my website with critter pictures every day. But it was one of those days and thinking tonight is contraindicated.

A $100 plumbing problem turned into an $800 plumbing problem and then looked like it was going to be a $6,000 plumbing problem but instead turned into a $14,000 plumbing problem, which we’re going to have to do because the alternative is almost certainly a $50,000 plumbing problem.

I just LOVE owning a house!

A 21:00 arrival – fashionably late.

Mom leads the way out of the tree.

I have no idea what she’s looking at up there. Howling at the moon? That’s about where it would be at that time.

About a two to three hour cycle with them coming and going.

This camera does have video capability which I’ll have to try out. I wonder if they go get food and bring it back here to eat it, or what the behavior is that drives this cycle.

Follow Mama!

Mama’s a good sized critter, bigger than a cat (except for possibly a Maine Coon), about the size of a mid-sized dog, probably 15 pounds or so.

03:12 is an earlier night to go to ground than last night. I wonder if anything’s up.

I don’t recall any sign or prediction of fog – it’s pretty much dry as a bone here. (Epic five-year drought, blah blah blah.) Instead I suspect this is a glare from Mama being just a few inches in front of the camera, either in passing or performing an investigation.

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