No Context For You – July 24th

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The world is not black and white – infinite shades of grey, an infinite rainbow of color, and a spectrum that the eye can’t see but the mind’s tools can, screaming up through the ultraviolet toward X-rays and meandering down from infrared to radio waves.

Aside from having a wildly distorted and inaccurate view of the universe, those who see everything as either black or white are just missing so much, both literally and figuratively.

It would be sad if it weren’t currently so dangerous.


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4 responses to “No Context For You – July 24th

  1. Did you fall down on the sidewalk?

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    • Why do you always immediately assume it’s ME that was at fault, falling down? Maybe it was gravity! Maybe it was the sidewalk! Maybe it was both of them, ganging up and taking advantage if me when I wasn’t looking! Didja ever think of that, huh?!

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      • I am so sorry! You are absolutely right! You have rightfully chastised me (see, those nuns taught you a thing or two after all) and I am truly penitent. And worst of all, as a friend, I should have your back regardless. Soooo. Did the horrible gravity pull you down on that big, bad sidewalk? Let me go get my jackhammer, I’ll teach that sidewalk a thing or two! Now, does anyone know how to work a jackhammer?

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        • Much better! Sister Mary Cosmos would be proud of me! As for the jackhammer, I have a small amount of experience there and they’re a serious pain! I’ll take your offer in the spirit in which it was given (i.e., SNARKY) and we may forego the actual destruction. Thank you for your support!


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