Spotted In The Wild

Coming home from the hangar on Saturday afternoon I spotted a rare beast. I knew they were coming of course, but didn’t know they were out on the streets yet.

img_0022 edit

See it, that silver one one lane to the left?

img_0023 edit

One can hope that in a few years you’ll see millions like it, or at least related to it. We’re already seeing TONS of it’s sportier big brother, the Tesla S model.

img_0017 edit

But this is the first Tesla Model X that I’ve seen out on the road. Where the Model S is a sports car all around, this will be more of a family vehicle. Which can still go from zero to “WTF was that??!!” in about eight seconds. It’s amazing what you can do with all electric, high torque motors on each wheel.

img_0019 edit

I’ve said that if I ever won the lottery, the Tesla dealer would be my third stop. (First I get something really, really nice for The Long-Suffering Wife because, you know, she puts up with me. That can’t be easy. Second and third stops would be for big, fancy, fast, light, powerful computers and cameras, in either order.) I would be looking to get a Model S, but these are pretty damn cool as well.

They take the standard SUV and make it…adventurous.

Speaking of which, I feel an adventure coming on. Time to get to bed. Adventures start way, way too damn early in the morning around here.

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