That Moment, August 27th Version

That moment when you’re gently sliding the dish washer racks in and out to see if there’s anything actually jamming the tracks or blocking the spinning sprayers because you’ve got it so full it probably is in danger of growing its own event horizon but you have that one last little dish that you’re sure you can get in if you just Tetrisificate the contents and move that little bit just a millimeter here and that other plate just a micron there…


…only to recognize (after succeeding, of course) that you spent ten minutes trying to fit in a single small dish that you could have washed by hand in thirty seconds.

It’s not about that kind of efficiency, it’s about this kind of efficiency!


Filed under Castle Willett, Paul

2 responses to “That Moment, August 27th Version

  1. But you’re saving water by fitting it into the bulk wash!

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