Props Where Props Are Due

As one who has on occasion attempted to find rhyme and scansion in words coming out of my brain, I have a great deal of admiration that those that can do the strange and unusual with that art form.

One classic example just ran across my SiriusXM feed – “Nemesis” by Shriekback. Anyone who can use “parthenogenesis” in the chorus and make it not just fit, but fit well, is hitting on all cylinders.

A similar gem from the country music gengre is Luke Bryan’s “Country Man.” The use of “Hoobastank” is not only good for a double word score, but its context in a country song is priceless. The fact that it’s a really funny sounding word is gravy.

Any other suggestions for this highly specialized genre?

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One response to “Props Where Props Are Due

  1. I love really clever rhymes in songs. But the one that springs to mind today is in a commercial for a card/loan comparison website featuring a Pavarotti-style singer… ‘from loans to plastic, it’s quite fantastic’

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