Small Discoveries

I keep saying, it’s the little things.

We bought my new little Honda Fit back in January. I’m quite comfortable in it and like driving it a lot.

It has lots of features. This means that there are buttons to push, and when I push them, things happen. The nine-month old Paul buried deep down inside loves this.

It has a moonroof, which is great for being convertible-adjacent when the weather’s nice.

I park it in the sun almost every day at work, and with a black interior it can get quite hot. To minimize this problem, I often leave the moonroof cracked open a bit, so the hot air can vent and not build up quite as vicious of a greenhouse effect.

A problem with this is that there’s a hole in the roof that can leave a strip of red hot pleather across the seat from the sun shining down directly onto it.

I remember seeing or hearing somewhere that the moonroof had a “pop-up” mode where the front stays closed, but the back end lifts up a bit to allow ventilation. The switch I see is either open the moonroof or close the moonroof, although you can stop it at any intermediate point. But no “pop-up” or “ventilation” mode.

When it’s done closing there’s a bit of an extra whirr, and the back end might be lifted up a little bit – I just figured that was it and I was expecting too much.

Until today.

Somehow as I was closing it after lunch, as I pushed the button forward to close the moonroof, I also was pressing on it upward. The moonroof closed, then whirred a lot more than it ever had. When I looked, the back end had popped up a good two inches, allowing me to leave the inside liner closed (solving the white-hot strip of death across the seat problem) while still giving me plenty of ventilation (solving the greenhouse problem).

Multi-dimensional switches!! Who knew?

Tomorrow I’m going to see what happens if I press it to the left or to the right. I’m pretty sure the answer is “nothing,” but I’m not taking anything for granted any more.

It’s the little things. You have to take your child-like (as opposed to “childish”) joys where you can find them!


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2 responses to “Small Discoveries

  1. Just don’t push the one marked “Do not touch this button” 😀

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