How Fast Is Fast Enough?

On the way home tonight I was stopped at a light next to a big “exotic” car dealership.

Ferrari. Rolls Royce. Lamborghini. Lotus. McLaren. I doubt they would even lower themselves to consider carrying a Jaguar, Mercedes, or BMW unless it was a classic model in cherry condition.

As I sat there in my $22,000 Honda Fit looking at the $500,000 cars, I happened to glance down at my speedometer. It goes up to 140 mph.

I wouldn’t even guess how high the speedometer goes in any of those exotic sports cars. I would be surprised if it’s anything less than 200 mph.

And while a Lamborghini can actually go up to at least 190 mph (while the speedometer apparently goes to 210 mph), I have doubts about my Fit doing 140 mph.

Even if you do allow that maybe the Fit could do 140 mph (for example, if you pushed it out the back of a C-130 at 40,000 feet), would I really want to be in it when that happened? While I do love my small and zippy little Hissy, the more I thought about it, the more convinced I was that the only way I would even try to get it to 140 would be if the entire zombie apocalypse was chasing me at 135.

I know how much it starts to shake when it gets up to about 95… Wait, did I say that out loud? 65! That’s what I meant, 65! That’s the legal speed limit – 65!

As the bumper sticker says, “I’m not driving to fast, I’m flying too low!”

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One response to “How Fast Is Fast Enough?

  1. Ronnie

    Good one dear. I especially liked reaching 140 being dropped out of the back of a plane. Parachute or no parachute? You or the car?

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