Please Accept My Apologies

On behalf of the sane citizens of the United States (a group that is apparently small and growing smaller by the day) I apologize for our electoral process.

Please accept my apologies. And these cute pet pictures. (Two of these are not like the others.)

DSCN4130 small

IMG_9203 small

photo 2


IMG_9752 small

IMG_6051 small


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3 responses to “Please Accept My Apologies

  1. What beautiful pictures. The three of us over at the “Gilmours Nice Place” blog love them all. Creatures are so comforting in a world turned upside down.
    Mr Midnight cheekily says that it´s a shame those animals you pictured are not allowed to vote instead of the humans because then a ray of hope would be introduced into the world and a little more common sense would arise.
    Sir Winston has already dealt with Mr Midnights manners and I must also apologise for his comment.
    Living outside the US one only gets the picture which the European media serves and I can honestly say that European politics is in a no better state. Best regards from the three of us.

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  2. Thank you. The rest of the world stands by watching, and desperately hoping that your (media/minority) insanity will end. Fortunately all my US buddies are of the same opinion as the rest of the world. But as Brexit shows, insanity can happen.
    More animal pics until the election is over will be fine 🙂

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