Blue Origin Abort Test

I had no interesting or humorous or wise or grandiose thoughts today. Sorry.

But I did watch the video of a really excellent launch abort test by Blue Origin. You should too!

SpaceX is putting things into orbit, bringing them back down again, landing the first stage and preparing the to be reused. Elon Musk is planning on making it possible in our lifetimes to put a million people on Mars to live permanently. (Oooh! Oooh! Me! I’ll go!!)

Blue Origin is still just suborbital, but this booster was flying its fifth flight today.

Exciting times! Far more interesting than any non-interesting, non-humorous, non-wise (there’s a word for that – stupid, yes, that’s it!), or non-grandiose thoughts from me.

(What’s Latin for “126 words wrested from the void”?

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