Fresh Hell From FaceBook

Has anyone else started seeing these?


FaceBook has long been infamous for polluting everyone’s timeline with advertising, popups, and “suggestions.” There are, of course, no ways to permanently just shut those off, but at least with most of them you can weed them out by clicking on them and hiding or deleting them. They’ll be back tomorrow, but at least for the moment you’ll be able to simply read the posts from your friends and followers.

Now this.

I started seeing these about five days ago. Aside from the fact that it’s totally, 100%, completely not related to anything I’m interested in or ever have been interested in (great job, FaceBook algorithm!) it’s apparently impossible to hide or delete. Your option to not see it is to not load FaceBook.

Which is sounding better by the minute if they’re going to keep doing this shit.

Here’s another approach, Facebook. You have how many hundreds of millions of users? And ads like this piss off what percentage? And bring in how many hundredths of a cent every time you stick it in? (Yeah, gonna leave that last phrase just as it is.) But you make it up with volume.

So how much do you make off of ME every month with these ads, which I have not ever responded to other than to delete them and try to keep my blood pressure in check? A quarter a month? Fifty cents? A dollar?

What if there were a subscription version of FaceBook that was ad-free? How much would people pay for that a month? $1.99? $2.99? $4.99?

If you are making a dollar or less per month by inserting these ads, why not offer me the option of paying you $4.99 a month in order to stop you from putting any in?

For being a bunch of supposedly really stinkin’ bright guys, you sure seem to have missed the boat on this one.

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