Congratulations To The Long- Suffering Wife!!

Today was her last day as a working stiff after more than forty years in the workforce and more than twenty-five years with Kaiser Permanente in Southern California. Starting tomorrow, she gets to sleep in as late as she wants seven days a week.

Well, except that I have to get up at O’ Dark Thirty to be at a work event in Universal City by 07:00. I’ll try to be quiet.

While she spent the day being congratulated by one and all and thanked by everyone who ever worked with her, I spent the day helping to throw folks off of the 25th story of the Universal Hilton.





More fun tomorrow! (All for a good cause – we’ve raised over $100,000 on this event. If you’re free in Los Angeles tomorrow and want to give it a try, we still have slots available – $1,000 a shot and I’ll take your credit card right at the door! Sold one this afternoon…)

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One response to “Congratulations To The Long- Suffering Wife!!

  1. Yay for the wife! Congrats to her! And as for you…well, let’s just say that as always, I’m shaking my head. 😀

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