Over The Edge

Surprisingly, it wasn’t even the latest abominable revelation in the press about our Presidential race that pushed me over!

I mentioned yesterday that I had spent the day helping to toss folks off the top of a 25-story building. I also invited anyone who wanted to come on out, make a donation to our eminently worthy cause, and participate.

None of you did (I’m only the teensiest, bitsiest disppointed), so there were slots available…


(Photo by S. Meechan)

Here I am girded for battle. Well, girded for safety, but that doesn’t roll off the tongue quite the same way.


(Photo by S. Bardelli)

Here I am, about halfway down. On my left is Hazel, one of my accounting staff.

For me it was a tremendous, exciting, outrageous, and exhilarating experience. Adrenaline – ask for it by name!!

We had real photographers all over the place, so next week I should be able to get some much better pictures.

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One response to “Over The Edge

  1. More power to you! My fear of falling would never allow me to do something like this. I’d no doubt be suffering from a panic attack or more likely a heart attack before I was even halfway down. And you know what a killjoy that can be. 😀

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