If They Didn’t Want My Opinion They Shouldn’t Have Asked For It

A site that I use on pretty much a daily basis took a format which has been quite functional for years and overnight has a new design.

Tasks that I normally can do blindfolded in two minutes tonight took ten times that long. Nothing is where it was and I have to go hunting. When I find “A”, then I have to go hunting again for “B” instead of just hitting that one button. If I hit the wrong button then I’m logged out and get to do the whole password thing to get in and start over again. And on, and on, and on…

Then they asked if I would like to comment on their new and improved and wonderful and spectacular redesign and tell them how much I enjoyed it and loved it more than chocolate covered sex!

I was going to just go off on them and show off the vocabulary that I no doubt picked up working the docks. But sometimes the brain gets a half twist while getting ready to slide in the rapier.



If nothing else, we’ll be able to tell whether or not this test is being graded by a bot (99.99999% probability) or if there’s some poor intern who has to go through them at sub-minimum wage. If it’s the latter, I hope these get printed out and put on a refrigerator in a tiny, squalid break room surrounded by a sea of cubicles that stretch to the horizons, the one shiny bit of glorious snark, floating like flotsam in a sea composed of outright abuse and sychophantic praise.

Or the bot will call Siri and say, “Is this that guy?”

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